Pit bulls: Changing the perception of America's dog

Best Friends Animal Society believes all dogs are individuals and deserve a chance for a happy life.

Pit bull terrier discrimination

In fact, one of Best Friends' main initiatives involves working to eliminate breed discrimination. Currently, the dogs and puppies that are the most frequently and unjustly targeted are pit bull terriers. The simple truth is that pit bull terriers are just as safe and gentle as any other breed. The scientific studies have proven it. 

Dog breed bans and laws

It’s time that the public knows the truth, too. The prejudice against pit-bull-terrier-like dogs has led to breed bans and other forms of breed discriminatory or breed specific legislation, forcing many people to give up their beloved pets. In America, responsible people should be allowed to love and care for any breed of dog they choose. Working together, we can ensure that every loving pet — no matter the breed — receives a loving home.

Pit bull terrier facts and myths

Best Friends is committed to ending breed discrimination and to changing public perception with facts, statistics and stories that illustrate the true nature of these loving canines. Documentary films like “The Champions,” which chronicles life after the fighting ring for the dogs rescued from the property of professional football star Michael Vick, are key to telling that story.

Learn more about "The Champions" documentary.

Breed-specific legislation

As of 2016, 20 states (marked in orange on map below) have passed provisions against breed-discriminatory legislation, and we’re working every day to increase that number. Find out if your state has any legislative alerts or updates that you can take action on.

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The 20 states that ban breed discrimination, including Arizona

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