the problem

Millions of pets end up in shelters each year due to:

  • image descriptionDivorce or breakup
  • image descriptionForeclosure
  • image descriptionDeath in the family
  • image descriptionEconomic problems
  • image descriptionNo I.D.
  • image descriptionMinor behavior problems

4 million

of these homeless pets
are killed each year in
America’s shelters.

image description = 50,000 homeless pets
That means

more than
9,000 pets

per day
image description

6+ pets
per minute

are killed in shelters
image description

An estimated

90 percent

of the animals that enter shelters are adoptable, or could be, with care and treatment

image description

The problem is a big one, no question...but we believe it’s possible to make this senseless killing a thing of the past.