Best Friends–Utah

Utah is Best Friends’ home state, and for that reason, we have a special commitment to the animals here. In fact, we have a program based in Salt Lake City, Best Friends Animal Society–Utah, which is dedicated to making the entire state no-kill.

Since the early 1990s, Best Friends has been creating innovative programs aimed at reducing shelter deaths in Utah. Today, thanks to adoption and spay/neuter campaigns, combined with the development of a statewide coalition of 56 shelters, 26 rescue groups and passionate individuals, 10 Utah communities are now no-kill, and the entire state is on the verge of following suit.

Our work in Utah, nationally recognized for its innovation and creativity, has delivered 237,000 spay or neuter surgeries, 331,000 adoptions by coalition members, and an 83 percent save rate for dogs.

Utah saw 22,292 fewer statewide shelter deaths in 2012 compared with 2000 — a reduction of 51.5 percent.

Together with you, we are close to ending the killing in Utah and will someday soon Save Them All.

Are you in Utah and want to get involved? Click here.