Have fun and help animals in Salt Lake City

Connect with fellow animal lovers and help save the lives of homeless pets right here in Salt Lake City. Have a ton of fun and make a difference!

There are so many ways you can make a difference and get involved in local events here in Salt Lake City — including stopping by an adoption event and watching happy pets go home with new families, attending a “sip and learn” to find out how to best help save lives, or simply getting your pets microchipped should they become lost. 

You have the power to create a bright future for homeless dogs and cats and help keep shelters from becoming overcrowded. Join us and experience the joy of seeing pets about to be adopted!

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Ready to have fun and save lives? There’s always something happening here at Best Friends in Salt Lake City. Join us!

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Adoption Fees Covered by Blue Buffalo and Walmart
Starting April 30th all the way through June, adoption fees at all Best Friends locations will be completely covered — thanks to Blue Buffalo and Walmart!

Blue Buffalo will cover adoption fees for May and June up to $275,000.

Saving Salt Lake City's homeless pets

Every event you attend is a chance to make a lifesaving difference for dogs and cats and get us closer to ending the killing of pets in shelters. Bonus? You’ll meet caring, passionate, like-minded people who care about animals, too!

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Did you recently attend a Best Friends in Salt Lake City event? 

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More ways you can help animals in Salt Lake City

You create a happier, healthier, more inclusive community for both people and pets when you foster, volunteer, advocate for, and adopt animals in shelters.

Let’s be friends!

Connect with us on social media to stay in the loop about the lifesaving progress we’re making together, hear about upcoming events, and see pictures from recent events. 

If you're posting photos from a Best Friends in Salt Lake City event that you attended, make sure to tag us in your photos (@bfas_ut) to spread the word and help others learn about our lifesaving events.

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