Kittens: saving Utah’s tiniest and most vulnerable

Providing lifesaving love and care to kittens is as gratifying and fun as it is essential.

Every year during spring and summer, thousands of tiny kittens arrive in overwhelming numbers at our nation’s animal shelters — and they depend on us humans for love and care. With so many lives in the balance, your help is needed to make sure every whiskered wee one can look forward to a bright future.

Start fostering kittens and save lives

Kittens are some of the most at-risk pets in shelters because they need round-the-clock care, which many shelters don't have the resources to provide. But you can help by fostering kittens in your home.

As a foster caregiver, you'll make sure kittens get the love and care they need, and we'll provide the necessary supplies and support. 

Best Friends has all the information you’ll need to get started fostering kittens, and it’s available anytime online. The more kittens who go to foster homes, the more lives saved.

Tiny orange kittens on a fuzzy blanket in a home



Kitten first-responder program 

We are currently looking for kitten first responders to bottle-feed kittens overnight while we secure long-term foster homes. If you’re interested in learning more about our kitten first-responder program, email



What to do if you find kittens  outdoors

Many animal shelters are unable to provide the necessary around-the-clock care for young kittens.

Please read and download this infographic to learn what to do if you find kittens. 

Kitten playing with a person on a couch in a home

Ready to foster kittens in your home?

Please fill out the online application and we’ll contact you to get started and answer any questions.
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New to fostering kittens?

Best Friends has everything available online for you to get started fostering kittens in our training videos.