On behalf of all the cats and dogs here at Best Friends in Salt Lake City, welcome and thank you for visiting. We’re thrilled that you stopped by.

This is a place for pets — and people who love them, just like you. It’s a place where people can spend time with adoptable animals, volunteer to help the animals, find help, and so much more.

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Saving homeless pets in Salt Lake City

Last year, hundreds of thousands of loving dogs and cats were killed in shelters like the ones here in Salt Lake City just because they didn’t have a safe place to call home.

Best Friends Animal Society in Salt Lake City is working collaboratively with animal rescue groups, city shelters and passionate individuals who are all dedicated to saving the lives of cats and dogs in Salt Lake City shelters.

You can be part of that work too when you adopt, foster, volunteer or advocate. We can provide training and behavior guidance should you ever need it, or help you find local spay/neuter services. 

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Adopt to help save lives

When you adopt a dog or cat who’s been patiently waiting for a place to call home, you’re not only saving a life.

You’re making space in the shelter for other homeless pets in Salt Lake City and giving them a chance to grow, thrive and find families of their very own. You might not feel like a hero, but to one animal, you’re the entire world. 

Find out more about pet adoption through Best Friends in Salt Lake City.

Volunteer to help save lives

Passionate, caring people like you who volunteer to help the animals are the heartbeat of our organization here in Salt Lake City.

Whether you volunteer locally or at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (located in Kanab, Utah), whether you help to transport pets across the country or help animals from your home via one of our national opportunities, you can make a tremendous difference in the lives of homeless pets. 

Looking for help?

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Events: make a difference for pets

Have fun and connect with fellow animal lovers through a variety of local and national events, big and small.

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Adoption Fees Covered by Blue Buffalo and Walmart
Starting April 30th all the way through June, adoption fees at all Best Friends locations will be completely covered — thanks to Blue Buffalo and Walmart!

Blue Buffalo will cover adoption fees for May and June up to $275,000.

Give to save lives

Your contribution supports our lifesaving work and helps shelters nationwide achieve no-kill.

You’ll be helping to save the lives of homeless pets here in Salt Lake City and around the country when you make a gift to the animals.

Recent tales from Salt Lake City

Looking for a little inspiration? Check out these pets and their stories of hope, love and resilience.

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Shop to save lives

When you shop at the Best Friends store, the proceeds go right to work providing lifesaving care and companionship to animals in Salt Lake City, at the Sanctuary and around the country.

Open daily!

11 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week

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