Wish list for the animals

On any given day, there are about 1,700 dogs, cats and other animals living at the Sanctuary. We regularly ask our furry and feathered friends what items would most help them enjoy their lives here at Best Friends. And below is their latest list.

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If you'd like to donate items from the wish list, please send them to:

Best Friends Animal Society
Attn: Chandra Forsythe
5001 Angel Canyon Road
Kanab, UT 84741
or e-mail her at chandra@bestfriends.org.

To shop online and have the shipping taken care of for you, please visit our Amazon Wish List. There are more items there to choose from and the lists are updated frequently so visit often to stay on top of the needs of the animals at the Sanctuary!

If you'd like to provide funds to purchase items from the wish list, please call Chandra Forsythe at 435-644-2001, ext. 4109, or e-mail her at chandra@bestfriends.org.

We also accept gift cards from Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, PetCo, PetSmart, Target, and Walmart for needed supplies.

Please consider making donations for animals. They so appreciate your generosity.

Best Friends Wish List - CatsCats:
Natural Balance Duck and Green Pea Formula, dry and cans (for cats with allergies and bowel issues)
FortiFlora Feline Nutritional Supplement
Cosequin for Cats (for cats with arthritis and cats prone to urinary tract infections)
Greenies Pill Pockets
Feliway diffusers and refills
Trash Bags; 13 gallon and 33 gallon
Fancy Feast cat food (pate style/classic)
Temptations cat treats
Cat scratchers and refills


Best Friends Wish List - DogsDogs:
Greenie Pill Pockets
Trash bags .90ml 13 gallon and 45 gallon yard bags
Fish dog treats (no other ingredients for dogs with food allergies)
Jolly Balls and Boomer Balls
Food puzzles for active dogs
Guardian Gear nylon adjustable puppy collars
Soft training treats  (some suggested brands: Cloud star, Zukes, Nature's Variety, Pup-Peroni)
Halti no-pull dog harnesses  (medium)


Best Friends Wish List - HorsesHorses:
CAL Ranch gift cards
Horse cookies
Slow-feed hay nets
Fly spray
Muck forks
Water troughs
Unscented laundry detergent
Little Tykes plastic playground equipment (for the goats)


Best Friends Wish List - RabbitsRabbits:
Critical care Oxbow, finely ground for syringe feeding
Wicker A-Frames - www.busybunny.com
Maze Haven - www.busybunny.com
Willow tunnels - www.bunnybunch.com
Willow balls - www.bunnybunch.com
Top-loading animal carriers (small to medium)
Little Tykes playground equipment for a bunny playground
2 large X-pens 32" height


Best Friends Wish List - Wild FriendsWild Friends:
Wild bird seed
Chicken scratch
Liquid laundry detergent - ink, dye and perfume free only
13 gallon trash bags
Seventh Generation dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener - scent free only
Sterile Monoject brand tuberculin syringes without needle and with detachable needle 25G x 5/8" - 1cc size
Jersey or fleece material (no loose string)
100-150 gallon Rubbermaid stock tanks - qty = 10+
Temperature control digital nursery incubator - Avey Chick Chalet II - www.aveyincubator.com (or something with similar features - MUST be digital)
Gaymar T-Pump Professional - hot water pumps - qty - 4


Best Friends Wish List - ParrotsParrot Garden:
Unsalted in the shell nuts (almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios)(human quality)
Shelled, unsalted dry roasted peanuts (no shells) (human quality)
Unscented garbage bags, all sizes
New bird toys
New bird toy parts
Bird play stands
Rope perches
Rope boings
Disposable gloves
Roudybush maintenance pellets (mini, medium or large)


Best Friends Wish List - PigsPigs:
Fig Newtons
Unsalted almonds
Dried fruit with no added sugar
Mazuri mini pig food


Best Friends Wish List - ClinicClinic:
Clipper blades Andis UltraEdge, surgical stainless steel : $25.00 each MWI # 023478
HP Printer ink cartridges 96 & 97
Chicken flavored Gerber's baby food
Vetwrap - 2" and 3"
Sterile surgical gloves - size 6 1/2, 7, 8
Orthoplast (a type of casting material)


Best Friends Wish List - CanyonCanyon:
Kline electric hand tools


Best Friends Wish List - AdoptionsAdoptions:
Gift cards for Shell gas and La Quinta rooms for adoption events/transports
Break-away collars for kittens and adult cats
Kongs for large dogs
Small and medium litter boxes for kitties traveling home
New and gently used airline-approved crates (all sizes)
6-foot leashes for dogs
Medium, large, and x-large Sporn harnesses for dogs
8-½ x 11 copy paper for medical records of adopted animals
Stuffed squeaky toys for dogs going home (all sizes)
9x12 white envelopes for medical records of adopted animals


Best Friends Wish List - Angels RestAngels Rest:

The outside world seems to melt away as gentle breezes start a serenade of wind chimes. Animal statues dot the landscape — a napping cat, a smiling sheepdog, an elegant owl, and many others all keep watch over the pets who slumber in eternity. Over time, weather can take a toll on our statues, and they must be replaced. We thank you for your generosity.

Statuary needs
Large blankets