A visit to Angels Rest kindles memories of our past animal friends

More than a final resting place for Sanctuary animals and cherished companions of Best Friends members and staff, Angels Rest and Angels Overlook are celebrations of the everlasting bond that we share with animals.

Located at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, Angels Rest is one of the most peaceful and serene places that can be experienced. Surrounded by the beauty of Angel Canyon, the musical sounds of wind chimes ring with the slightest breeze. Each marker is evidence of the love we hold for our pets. A visit to Angels Rest stirs emotions and kindles memories of our past animal friends.

Situated on the cliff above Angels Rest, Angels Overlook is the resting place for the Sanctuary animals who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the last few years, as well as companion animals of Best Friends staff. Wind chimes serenade visitors from the trees. The overlook conveys a sense of peace and reverence. Visitors can pay their respects to past Sanctuary friends or walk the meditation labyrinth, designed by Best Friends co-founder Cyrus Mejia.

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We have a monthly blessing at Angels Rest to honor the Sanctuary animals who have passed since the last ceremony. It's a special time for caregivers, staff, visitors and volunteers to come together in remembrance. Attendees are asked to participate in the reading of names and share their own stories during the service.

If you're visiting the Sanctuary, keep in mind that our blessing is usually the last Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m. All are welcome.

We also host a special annual blessing ceremony each fall. Members are mailed tribute cards, and are welcome to return them with photos and remembrances to be displayed in Angels Rest during this special service.

Watch the September 2016 Blessing video below.



They'll always be in your heart, and they can have a forever place here at Angels Rest. We offer placements that can be performed with you in attendance or in your absence. A brief memorial service is held at each placement, attended or unattended, where our caretakers read a blessing and tuck your dear friends in. We encourage you to share stories and read a favorite passage. The memory stone tradition, popular in so many cultures, completes the service.

Website memorials

Another way to pay tribute to your beloved pet is with a web memorial that will appear on the special Angels Rest Memorials section of our website.

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Dedication plaques, markers, and wind chimes

We'll help you create a lasting memorial to your dear friends. The gift of a memorial tribute serves as a remembrance of the love you shared and helps support the Sanctuary and our work to Save Them All.

We offer wind chimes, dedication plaques, and granite markers at Angels Rest. Orders take four to six weeks to process and also include a photo montage of your memorial.

For information and instructions on ordering, see the options below:

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