Host an overnight guest

Planning a visit to Best Friends? You can have a lot of fun and provide a meaningful break for an adoptable pet who needs some extra quality time by hosting a sleepover at your pet-friendly accommodations.

What is a sleepover? You share your cabin, cottage, RV or hotel room with a deserving cat or dog for a night. It’s a win-win. You get to spend some time snuggling with a wonderful, very appreciative pet. Participants who do sleepovers tell us about the animal’s behavior in a one-on-one situation in a home-like environment — behavior that may be very different from when they're around their Cat World or Dogtown friends.

Staying in a Best Friends cottage? In addition to a cat or dog, your options could possibly expand to an overnight stay with a rabbit (dependent upon many factors-please check with the caregivers while volunteering). Please note, you must have volunteered at least once during your current stay in the animal care area of your intended sleepover guest in order to take an animal for the night. If you are interested in doing a sleepover, please make arrangements with the volunteer coordinator. If you are staying in a hotel, check in advance to make sure they allow dogs or cats.

Not able to do a sleepover? Consider an outing with a Sanctuary cat or dog.                                  

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