1. Volunteers Kim and Mark Spragg with Raisin the dog

    Fun and Rewarding

  2. Smiling pit bull terrier with gray muzzle

    America's Dog

  3. Symphony the cat with FIV

    Myth Busting

  4. Gray tabby kitten being held

    Give to the Animals

  5. Black and white NKUT beagle

    No-kill, here we come!

  6. Volunteer woman snuggling cat

    Get Involved

  7. Harvard the shih tzu mix ESP dog

    Young at Heart

  8. Pit-bull-terrier type dog wearing glasses next to a calculator

    Claiming Single?

  9. Best Friends National Conference attendees

    National Conference

  10. NKLA volunteer dog walker Lotta Nilsson-May with a black and white dog

    Dog Walking Champ

  11. Brown tabby rolling over with pillow

    Save Them All

  12. Man volunteering with a pit-bull-terrier-type dog

    The Most Fun in Utah

  13. Gray cat with Best Friends tote bag

    Doggy (and Kitty) Bag