Volunteer with Best Friends

Whether you help at our Sanctuary located in beautiful Angel Canyon in Southern Utah, in your community, or from your home, you'll make a real difference in the lives of homeless pets by volunteering with animals, meet others who love animals, and have fun!

Join the thousands of people who come from all over the world every year to work with our roughly 1,700 Sanctuary residents. From walking an enthusiastic dog, to cleaning a rabbit run, to just sitting and talking to a shy cat, there's always plenty to do.

Can't make it to Kanab? There are ample animal shelter volunteer opportunities around the country. Assist with one of Best Friends' local programs in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City or New York City, or sign up to help at one of our nationwide events, such as Strut Your Mutt, Neighborhood Pit Bull Day or Pup My Ride.

Don't forget the animals in your own community. Look up a local No More Homeless Pets Network partner and give them a hand.

Feel the pleasure and fulfillment that helping animals brings. And regardless of where you choose to volunteer, your efforts, no matter how big or small, help to Save Them All.

The Volunteer Experience
Best Friends is host to many national events throughout the year that rely on the support of dedicated volunteers and volunteer leadership teams.
When you become a Best Friends volunteer, you're giving the animals what they want and need most: personal attention, hands-on care and love.