Welcome Center

If you’re coming to visit the animals, this is the place to start! Nestled at the base of beautiful red rock cliffs, the Welcome Center greets all journeyers with wind chimes, a fish pond, and a lovely wishing garden. It’s staffed with friendly humans who are happy to help you. While you’re there, you can sign up for a tour (offered multiple times daily, on every day except Christmas), watch a video, or buy a souvenir for you or your pets at the Gift Shop.
Hours: 8am to 5pm, everyday
Phone: 435-644-2001


This is a weather-protected living space for horses in recovery. Named after a Best Friends horse who had a prosthetic leg, and spent her life stealing our hearts, Riley’s was built specifically for horses with special needs. It provides protection from the weather, as well as the space and freedom to move around.

Horse Haven /
Marshall's Piggy Paradise

Here, the red-rock canyons of Best Friends cradle the pastures. Living in these fields are horses, burros, mules, pot-bellied pigs, goats and sheep who found themselves without a home. Skilled caregivers and volunteers provide healing, as do the peaceful surroundings.

Cat World

It really is a cat’s world here! With eleven buildings, complete with enclosed outdoor porches, rafters to climb, friends to play with, and caregivers ready to answer every beck and call, Cat World is a true home-between-homes for these felines. From a nursery for kittens to a building reserved for cats with feline leukemia, there are special accomodatons for every cat’s special needs.

Bunny House

It may be the cutest place on earth! The Bunny House is home to around 130 rabbits, and a few guinea pigs, too. They were all abandoned, one way or another, but now, they're safe and sound at the Bunny House, where they can be seen hopping, munching, or most adorably of all, snuggling up together. These happy hoppers are spayed/neutered, and up for adoption.

Parrot Garden & Wild Friends

It's a mini-tropical paradise for homeless parrots. The headquarters is welcoming with sounds of the rain forest, but Parrot Garden offers the many birds who take refuge here a wide variety of living environments, complete with both indoor and outdoor luxury. Right next to Parrot Garden is Wild Friends. It’s a nationally accredited wildlife rehab center for wild ones who are "just stopping by" after life has thrown them a curve ball or a bonk. Everything from pigeons to bobcats have been nursed back to health and re-released to the wild here!

Dogtown Heights

A fun-loving "gated community," Dogtown Heights is filled with tail-wagging, friendly neighbors. All of these dogs live in dog communities, forming friendships in buildings which have both indoor and outdoor running space. They live in a variety of neighborhoods: The Fairway, The Garden, The Clubhouse, and of course, Old Friends, for those slower-paced residents. Dogtown really is a lively, happy "home-between-homes" for these special dogs.

Dogtown HQ & Clinic

Dogtown Headquarters is the oldest section of Dogtown, an exciting, upbeat, tail-wagging, cage-free community of dogs on the lookout for homes. This is also where you’ll find the famous Best Friends Clinic, offering state-of-the-art vet care to animals at the Sanctuary. From spay/neuters, routine check-ups, emergency work on new arrivals with serious injuries and everything in between, this place is always buzzing with activity.

Val's Puppy Care Center

Puppies have a special place at Best Friends, too. The Puppy Care Center gives our youngest residents the start in life they need. Built thanks to a group of very generous donors, "Val's Puppy Care Center" is a favorite of our volunteers to the sanctuary—for some very furry and obvious reasons!

Angels Rest

This is Best Friends' pet cemetery, and there's truly something magical about this place. Far from being depressing, Angels Rest is a place of joyful remembrance, twinkling with blowing wind chimes. Built for animals who called Best Friends their final home, this scenic spot is also the resting place of many members’ pets. Many have left stones, small photos, and other memorial tokens of their beloved departed furry family members. Every month, a special ceremony takes place here, honoring the animals who have enriched our lives. And many guests name this extraordinary spot as one of their must-sees on every visit.

Angels Overlook

There were so many members who wanted Best Friends to be their pets’ final resting place, that we had to build a new extension to this special cemetery. Angel’s Overlook is just as peaceful as the original Angel’s Rest, but it has even more of an alcove feel.

Angels Landing

This natural amphitheatre is a beautiful spot for a picnic, and we sometimes use it for small concerts and gatherings.

Disney Barn

Today, the Best Friends horses own this historic spot! Built by the Disney Company, back when Kanab was known as Little Hollywood and was a filming location for many western films, this old barn now finds itself on Best Friends’ horse pastures.


Small and cozy, the Best Friends cabins are the perfect size for two people who want to sleep in the peace of the Sanctuary. Cabins have queen beds, kitchenettes, and ¾ baths.


All eight cottages overlook the horse pastures and feature one bedroom, a sitting room, and a kitchen. They book up quickly, so make your reservation well in advance!

The Village

This is where visitors come for lunch. The cafe serves a vegetarian meal in a scenic dining room seven days a week. While dining, you can see the white cliffs of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. The rest of the Village has offices, so plenty of staff members have lunch here every day.