sWheat Scoop to donate 50,000 pounds of cat litter to help homeless cats and kittens

sWheat Scoop logoIn 2016, Best Friends and sWheat Scoop began a six-month partnership that will make life a bit sweeter for the cats and kittens. sWheat Scoop will donate a total of 50,000 pounds of litter to our Los Angeles, New York and Salt Lake City programs. The budget-relieving donation will help more than 4,500 cats and kittens receive care throughout the organization this year.

To further the partnership, sWheat Scoop sponsored Best Friends’ June 2016 adoption promotion by sharing the news of the campaign and promoting it to their social audiences. sWheat Scoop not only understands the importance of a healthy environment while these animals wait for their homes, but even more, the importance of getting them adopted.

Finally, sWheat Scoop created one more initiative to engage their audience and be a part of Best Friends’ commitment to Save Them All. They have committed to donate an additional pound of litter for every new sign-up to their sWheat Perks™ loyalty program. That accumulated litter will be donated to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Because the Sanctuary goes through more than 170,000 pounds in a given year, this donation will certainly make a difference. Want to help sWheat Scoop make a difference for the animals? Sign up for sWheat Perks™ today!

Ever wonder about the life of a Best Friends cat? Check out the video and see how they’re enjoying the sWheat life!