Seeing stray cats?

The humane, effective way to control the number of community cats is trap-neuter-return (TNR). Community cats are the feral and stray free-roaming cats in your neighborhood. Together we can control their population and help save cats' lives.

Benefits of helping stray cats:

  • Allows spayed/neutered, vaccinated, ear-tipped cats to be returned to their outdoor area to live out their lives. (Ear-tipping is universal symbol of a spayed/neutered cat.)
  • Humanely controls the community cat population so there are fewer cats over time.
  • Reduces the number of cats killed by keeping these cats out of municipal shelters.
  • Minimizes nuisance behaviors like spraying, fighting, howling and roaming.
  • Improves health of cats and neighborhood relations.

For help with stray cats in your neighborhood, contact a program near you:

Best Friends Animal Society–Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
801-432-2124, ext. 2413 or 2420

Columbus Community Cats Project
Columbus, Georgia

Four Directions Community Cat Program
Southern Utah and Northern Arizona

Free Fix LA
Los Angeles, California
(Covering zip code areas: 91331, 91342, 91402, 91405, and 91605)

Las Vegas Community Cats Program
Las Vegas, Nevada

Philadelphia Community Cats Project
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tucson Community Cats Project
Tucson, Arizona

To learn more about stray cat help: