Proven lifesaving strategies for shelters and rescue groups

Everything you need to put together a strategic plan of action for your animal welfare organization can be found here.

In our resource listed below, you’ll find innovative and lifesaving ways to solve problems in a variety of areas.


These operational resources are designed to help animal welfare shelters and organizations start and build essential lifesaving programming.

Included topics are community cats, field services, return to owner, fostering, adoptions, intake, community services, medical and cleaning protocols, transport, volunteers, and more.   

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Best Friends is committed to continuing the important conversations on how to acknowledge and dismantle the deep-rooted systems in place in animal welfare that prevent our movement from being truly and deeply diverse, equitable or inclusive.

We are further committed to sharing what we learn with others, so we can create a kinder world for animals and the people who care for and love them.   


Looking to increase your organization’s revenue in order to expand your lifesaving programs?

Whether you are new to fundraising or looking to improve your current fundraising tactics, these resources are designed to help you build a successful fundraising plan, increase your donor base, and learn which digital tools can maximize your fundraising efforts.

Marketing and communications

Having the ability to communicate effectively to your community is critical to getting pets adopted and in homes.

Whether you are looking for social media tips, help writing animal bios, ideas for marketing campaigns, or guidance on how to hold an adoption event – you'll find it in our marketing and communications resources. 


Making sure both the public and elected officials support animal-friendly policies is important to ensure the safety of animals in your care.

These resources will help you advocate for these types of policies in your own community.  

Program endorsements

We recognize that it’s not always easy to get buy-in from everyone when creating change and implementing new or innovative programming.

We created our program endorsements for organizations to use as a resource to give credit to these programs when additional support is needed. These fundamental guides contain information about five important programs that Best Friends supports. They can be used as a quick reference for easily shareable messaging about each program.