The Problem

Millions of pets end up in shelters each year due to:

Divorce or Breakup


Death in Family

Economic Problems

No I.D.

Minor Behavior Problems

TRAGICALLY, 4 MILLION of these homeless pets are killed each year in America’s shelters.

More than Seven animals per minute are killed in shelters unnecessarily. That means more than 9000 animals per day.

What Best Friends is Doing

Network Partners
The No More Homeless Pets® Network is a program of Best Friends Animal Society focused on working with other rescue groups and municipal shelters all across the country to end the killing of dogs and cats in our nation’s shelters. More

Local Programs
Best Friends works in local areas across the country to help build life-saving programs and reduce shelter deaths. Current local program cities include L.A., Salt Lake City, and New York.
More about L.A.
More about S.L.C.
More about N.Y.C.

Best Friends hosts many events throughout the year to raise money for local shelters and to teach other organizations and rescuers how they can become no-kill. More

our national initiatives focus on animals most likely to enter America's shelter system – cats, castoffs from puppy mills, and pit-bull-terrier-type dogs.
More about stray cats
More about puppy mills
More about pit bull terriers

Utah Sanctuary
Located in Kanab, UT, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the country. Open to visitors and volunteers year-round. More