The town that’s really gone to the dogs!

Dogtown is part of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, which is located in the small town of Kanab, in Southern Utah. Dogtown is a refuge for homeless dogs who need another chance at life, an opportunity for a happily-ever-after that has thus far eluded them. It is so much more than an animal shelter. Dogtown is “gated community,” with buildings that house various groups of dogs. The pooches are fun-loving, tail-wagging, friendly neighbors. They come from all walks of life. Some of the dogs are traumatized from abuse or neglect. Others are shy or under-socialized. Some have very special medical needs. But once they arrive at Dogtown, their healing begins. Along with top-of-the-line medical care, these dogs get all of the TLC and training they need to recover from their pasts so that they can be adopted into permanent, loving homes, a dream that is realized for most of the dogs. Dogtown is home for the dogs as long as they need it to be. Check out our popular Dogtown videos on YouTube for an inside look at this incredible place.

Our residents

The puppies and dogs who live at Best Friends are experts at melting hearts. In a place like Dogtown, where they can really be themselves, a huge cast of characters emerges. Come meet some of the personalities who make up this famous community of canines.