The Wild Friends wildlife refuge area is licensed by both the state of Utah and the federal government as a rehabilitation and education center to help injured or orphaned wild animals.

The purpose of the program is two-fold. Our education side provides permanent placement for native wildlife with injuries that prevent them from being released. For the rest, the objective is to restore their health and release them back into the wild. 

In addition to our licensed facilities, Wild Friends is also home to many species of adoptable animals. We work to find loving homes that are equipped to care for species such as ducks, chickens, reptiles, and small mammals.

Welcome to Wild Friends

Wildlife rehab and care for other animals

While most animals at Wild Friends are only stopping by for a little rehab before returning to their lives in the wild, the refuge always includes a few permanent residents and even a few adoptable animals (ducks, for example).

Native wildlife with injuries that prevent them from being released stay on as part of our Wild Friends education program, which teaches people about the  vital roles that wildlife play in our ecosystems and what humans can do to protect them.

Here, you’ll find everything from birds — chickens and turkeys, crows and ravens, ducks, falcons and hawks, geese, owls, peafowls, pigeons and doves — to ferrets, mink and rodents to reptiles, amphibians and chelonians.

Songbird flight enclosure and aviary

There's plenty of room to soar here.

At the heart of Wild Friends is a 5-foot-by-24-foot indoor-outdoor songbird enclosure, temperature-controlled to provide maximum care for rehabilitated birds, until they can be safely released.

Wild Friends also features a 20x40-foot outdoor flight space. More space to fly means more physical conditioning, which goes a long way toward helping birds stay in the air and out of harm’s way.

Adopt or sponsor a wild friend from Wild Friends

Looking to add a new wild friend to the family? Great! Start your search today.

Animal Previews
Animal Previews
Animal Previews

Tour Wild Friends

Schedule your tour today.

Join us on this special walking tour to discover how we help orphaned and injured wild animals get back on their feet. Tours happen daily at 10:15 a.m. (duration: 45 minutes | distance: 1 mile).

Please be aware that this tour takes us through sand and uneven terrain, so navigating this tour by wheelchair, though possible, is difficult. (Service animals are not allowed on the tour.)

Volunteer at Wild Friends

Looking for face-to-face interaction with the residents at Wild Friends? It’s your chance to help with daily care, provide companionship and more.

When you lend a hand volunteering with the wildlife at Wild Friends, you’ll improve the lives of the wild animals residing at the Sanctuary.

Volunteers with disabilities are welcome! Contact us to learn about volunteering with a temporary or permanent disability. Email or call 435-319-0622.

If you’ve volunteered with Best Friends before, go to the volunteer portal to see opportunities available to you.

Tortoise crawling through beautiful green flowering foliage

Sponsor a Wild Friends resident

By giving a gift of sponsorship to your friends or family, you can provide love and care to Gobi and her tortoise pals.
Owl perched on a branch in an outdoor enclosure

Let’s be friends!

Connect with us on our Wild Friends Facebook group to stay in the loop about our residents.
Silhouettes of a duck, lizard, and flying bird

Read about our wild friends