Smiling woman looking down at a brown tabby cat sitting on a veterinary table

Best Friends Vet Access app frequently asked questions

I have several pets. Is the cost the same to cover all of them with the Best Friends Vet Access app?
Yes. Currently, there is no additional charge for multiple pets in a single family.

What if I'd like to cancel the service?
No problem: You can cancel at any time. Use the "Delete Account" link from within the app to cancel the service.

I'm having trouble connecting to a veterinarian. What can I do?
Connecting may take between 30 seconds and a full minute. Please be patient and don't hang up! If you happen to call when all our veterinarians are helping others, you'll hear a short message asking you to text or call back in one minute (a rare occurrence).

The video is blurry. How do I get a clearer image?
Video chatting requires a faster phone processor and good Wi-Fi or cell data connection. iPhone 4 or greater or Samsung 4 or greater work well with FaceTime. Some older models just don't have the processor speed to make it work correctly. If you have trouble, it is most likely your connection. We encourage you to make sure you have an adequate connection and an updated phone for best results with Best Friends Vet Access.

Are there any extra costs I might find with this app?
Nope! Once you have selected your payment option, there are no additional fees.

How does the app work?
Just download the app onto your smartphone, select the icon you need, and click!

How much does it cost?
There are several options to choose from:
1-month access: $12.99 
3-month access: $33.85 
6-month access: $60.99 
1-year access: $107.40 

Emergency Vet Protect Club: $15.95 per month - Unlimited vet access, plus get payment up to $3,000 toward an emergency vet bill if during your subscription period, a Vets Plus More veterinarian refers your pet for emergency treatment. Payment is processed and delivered directly to your choice of a registered emergency vet clinic by Vets Plus More. Rules and restrictions apply (see app for details). 

Are the vets licensed?
Yes, all the veterinarians* in the app are fully licensed to practice and have at least five years of experience as a veterinarian.

Is the app available on both Android and Apple?
Yes, the app works on both platforms.

Can I use the app anywhere in the world?
Yes! The app is accessible worldwide as long as you have cell or Wi-Fi access with a minimum bandwidth speed of 1.25 mb up and down.

*All veterinarians are employed by Vets Plus More and are not employed by Best Friends Animal Society.