Home to more than 600 rescued cats, Cat World comprises 11 buildings, each one designed to promote and foster feline well-being.

While every animal at Best Friends receives individualized and custom care, it’s especially evident in Cat World, where cats and kittens are thoughtfully placed in the residence that best suits their personalities, behaviors and medical issues.

Welcome to Cat World

Feline enrichment for the cats of Cat World

Each building features indoor and enclosed outdoor “catios,” with room to climb and hidey-holes to offer a break from the action or just a moment alone.

Cats can choose how to spend their time, whether it’s hanging out with caregivers and volunteers or observing life from the rafters.  

Enrichment activities, stroller rides and walks are just a few of the ways that caregivers help residents get the mental and physical exercise they need. And should difficulties arise, Cat World staff members are trained to recognize issues, create peaceful resolutions and help curb inappropriate behavior.

Graphic of black and white cat sitting at door

Cats’ personalities and needs rule the day

All the Cat World housing gives residents the opportunity to live a life of dignity while receiving the medical care, nutrition, attention and love they need to heal from a hard life’s journey and prepare for permanent homes.

The aptly named Hope House is where all cats are admitted to the Sanctuary. They are quarantined there for two weeks so that caregivers can determine where each cat is most likely to thrive. The cats then move on to their newly assigned room in one of the Cat World buildings. 

Cat HQ (Cat World Headquarters) is where volunteers get assignments, ranging from taking cats for walks in strollers or on harnesses to helping with clicker training to cleaning and general caregiving. Cat HQ features 20 rooms and caters to cats who prefer to live alone or in small groups of two or three. A few rooms are set aside for kittens. 

The Colonel’s Barracks is the largest of the Cat World buildings with room for about 100 cats. It houses cats who need a little extra help with behavior issues. 

Benton’s House and Quincy House are home to cats who are incontinent, have mobility or neurological issues or are just getting up there in years. 

Casa de Calmar cats have feline leukemia (FeLV). Although they may need some extra TLC for their condition, FeLV-positive cats can live perfectly happy lives. 

Sinjin’s House is a place where potential adopters can spend time with and get to know some of our highly adoptable cats in a homelike environment. It features a kitchen, laundry room and break room, and our Cat World adoption team is also based out of this building.

Jill’s Diner, Mondrian’s House and Vinnie’s House, three of the smallest buildings in Cat World, house cats with a variety of personalities and needs. 

Finally, Morgaine’s Place houses many of our young, highly adoptable cats and kittens.

Adopt or sponsor a cat from Cat World

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Animal Previews
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Animal Previews

Tour Cat World

Schedule your tour today.

Join us on a walking tour through Cat World and see how we're helping cats to heal and thrive. Tours happen every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. (duration: 1.5 hours | distance: 1 mile).

Please be aware that this tour takes us through sand and uneven terrain, so navigating this tour by wheelchair, though possible, is difficult. (Service animals are not allowed on the tour.)

Volunteer at Cat World

Looking for face-to-face interaction with the cats?

Come spend some time volunteering with the kitties who reside at Cat World, to help with daily care, including cat and kitten socialization, playtime and more. Or lend a hand in the Sanctuary adoptions hub.

Volunteers with disabilities are welcome! Contact us to learn about volunteering with a temporary or permanent disability. Email volunteers@bestfriends.org or call 435-319-0622.

If you’ve volunteered with Best Friends before, go to the volunteer portal to see opportunities available to you.

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Overnight cat naps

Hosting a cat for a sleepover (available to anyone staying in pet-friendly accommodations) is a great way to get some one-on-one time with a special feline.
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Sponsor a Cat World resident

Touched by a cat’s story or feel a special connection to a cat here at the Sanctuary? Provide a little extra TLC with the gift of sponsorship.
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Let’s be friends!

Connect with us on our Cat World Facebook group to stay in the loop about our residents.
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