Amy Smart

Former model turned-actress and producer, Amy Smart has supported Best Friends' efforts both in front of and behind the scenes for years. From washing and grooming animals for our earliest Pet Super Adoptions, to walking the red carpet at our events, she's been a dedicated champion for our cause. Amy attended the grand opening of the Best Friends Pet Adoption and Spay/Neuter Center, numerous Lint Roller fundraising events and the aforementioned Pet Super Adoptions. She's also participated in our Pup My Ride program, which transports homeless dogs from municipal Los Angeles shelters to other communities where the demand for such dogs is high.

"I have been volunteering with Best Friends for many years now, and I am always so inspired by the passion and dedication they have for helping rescued animals," says Amy. "It's amazing how many loving animals are out there in need of a home, and by adopting, you are saving a life. We all need to come together to put a stop to puppy mills and advocate for the humane treatment of animals."