Male American Pit Bull Terrier / Hound / Mixed named Lincoln available for adoption


Looks like
American Pit Bull Terrier / Hound / Mixed
Estimated Birthdate
Tan/Yellow/Fawn with White

Lincoln has a presidential name but you don't need to have a white house to take him home! He has the cutest overbite and slobbery jowls, giving him one of best smiles around.
Lincoln knows some basic commands, like 'sit' and 'paw' so that he can give handshakes once he is comfortable. He takes his time getting to know new people and will do best in a mellow home, where he will not be meeting a lot of strangers. His fitness is second to none, which allows him to stay out on the campaign trail (and hiking trails) longer than all the rest of the candidates. He's done some 6 mile hikes and enjoys running too!
Car rides are Lincoln's 'happy place.' The look on his face when his head is out the window, feeling the breeze in his flaps, will give you all the feels! Come visit Lincoln and see if he is the right candidate for you!