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Greenville Humane Society (Greenville, South Carolina) logo
Greenville, South Carolina 29607

To preserve the lives and enhance the well-being of animals.

Greenville Humane Society Website
Animal Aid Society, Inc (Hampton, Virginia) logo
Hampton, Virginia 23666

The Animal Aid Society is a "No-Kill" dog shelter. The purpose of the Society shall be to provide to/and or for animals, other than man, shelter, medical aid, care and protection, to act as a placement agency for animals in good health, and to provide education for the humane care and treatment of animals, and to attempt to prevent cruelty to animals. We are a nonprofit organization that receives no funding from state or federal agencies. All of the funds required to maintain the shelter and care for the dogs come from donations and special fund-raising events. Donations to the shelter are tax deductible.  Dogs are kept at the shelter until placed in a home; However, this means that new dogs can only be accepted by the shelter after previous ones have been adopted or permanently placed in foster care.

Animal Aid Society, Inc Website
Miss Fannie's Friends (Wichita Falls, Texas) logo
Wichita Falls, Texas 76305-6022

Miss Fannie's Friends is a foster based 501c3 cat rescue focused on Adoption, Trap/Neuter/Return and Education to reduce the homeless cat population.

Miss Fannie's Friends Website
Fayetteville Animal Protection Society (Fayetteville, North Carolina) logo
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28305

The mission of Fayetteville Animal Protection Society, Inc. (FAPS) is to provide a licensed, no-kill shelter for homeless animals until adopted into a loving and caring lifetime environment; to reduce the population of stray animals' and to promote responsible pet ownership. FAPS receives no government funding and operates entirely through public funding via donations, grants, fundraisers, and adoption fees.

Fayetteville Animal Protection Society Website
Bro and Tracy Animal Welfare (Corrales, New Mexico) logo
Corrales, New Mexico 87048

In order for every pet to have a home and family it is necessary to reduce the numbers of animals that continue to be born in horrific numbers. Achieving that requires education and making affordable spay and neuter available to everyone. Many people in NM, as well as throughout the country, don’t have the money and may even not have the means to transport their animals to vet clinics.  There are still those who don’t understand the importance of spay/neuter but many more are learning and willing to do it if they have the means. It is our intention to make it a lot easier by taking spay/neuter clinics to them.

Bro and Tracy Animal Welfare Website
The Bitty Kitty Brigade (St. Paul, Minnesota) logo
St. Paul, Minnesota 55119

The Bitty Kitty Brigade is a foster-based rescue for orphaned neonatal kittens in the Twin Cities, MN and surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide care for orphaned neonatal kittens and to partner with animal rescue organizations and impound facilities to improve survival rates within the neonatal kitten population.

The Bitty Kitty Brigade Website
Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse (Syracuse, New York) logo
Syracuse, New York 13205

Reduce the number of homeless animals on our streets and in local shelters.  End euthanasia of healthy animals. Stop animal cruelty. Increase awareness of the intrinsic value of animals and emphasize our shared responsibility for their welfare. Create a collaborative animal welfare community.

Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse Website
Francisvale Home for Smaller Animals (Radnor, Pennsylvania) logo
Radnor, Pennsylvania 19087

Francisvale has been operating as a no-kill, non-profit animal shelter since 1909. Our mission is to rescue abused, abandoned and unwanted cats and dogs and to provide them with all necessary medical care and a loving place to stay until they can find their forever homes.

Francisvale Home for Smaller Animals Website
Ferndale Cat Shelter (Ferndale, Michigan) logo
Ferndale, Michigan 48220

The Ferndale Cat Shelter is a non-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to providing medical care, adoption services, foster homes and trap-neuter-release programs for felines in the Ferndale area and beyond. As a no-kill organization, our mission is to improve the lives of felines in the Metro Detroit community and elevate the standards of cat guardianship and adoption. We are also affiliated with Ferndale’s Catfé Lounge, a cat café that serves as our hub for cat adoption and volunteers and is registered as a shelter with the State of Michigan Department of Agriculture.

Ferndale Cat Shelter Website
Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation (Sherman Oaks, California) logo
Sherman Oaks, California 91423

Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on rescuing abused and neglected animals - locally, internationally and throughout the Asian Dog Meat Trade - rehabilitating them and finding them their forever homes. We embrace compassion, education and legislation to guide hearts and minds toward a brighter future for animals.

Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation (NKLA) Website
Roosevelt Animal Shelter (Roosevelt, Utah) logo placeholder
Roosevelt, Utah 84066

The Roosevelt Animal Shelter works to reunite wayward pets with owners and find forever homes for those up for adoption.

Roosevelt Animal Shelter (NKUT) Website
Easy Street Animal Shelter (Saint Jo, Texas) logo
Saint Jo, Texas 76265

Provide care for homeless dogs, until re-homed.

Easy Street Animal Shelter Website