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Pensacola Humane Society (Pensacola, Florida) logo
Pensacola, Florida 32505

The Pensacola Humane Society is committed to improving the lives of companion animals in our community through advocacy, adoption, education and sanctuary.

Pensacola Humane Society Website
Dog Aide (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan) logo
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48304

Dog Aide's Mission is to provide assistance to dog owners in the City of Detroit that are experiencing a financial hardship. We do this through our program called Community Outreach, this program is designed to provide dog food, daily care items, education on proper pet care, and assistance with free spay/neuter.

Dog Aide Website
Philly Bully Team (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) logo
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19119

Our initiative will start off as being foster based. Because of all the rescues we have worked with in the past, we already have several dedicated and proven foster homes. We will pull “Time Stamped” (Dogs that are to be euthanized for medical and/or behavioral/or space reasons) from Philadelphia's Animal Control team. We will provide any kind of medical and behavioral aftercare that these dogs may need. We will asses their temperament and personalities within their foster homes and work diligently to place these discarded dogs into loving and compatible forever homes.

Philly Bully Team Website
ASTRO Foundation (Oakdale, California) logo of dog and cat heart
Oakdale, California 95361

ASTRO Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) volunteer-based animal welfare organization dedicated to rescuing homeless dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters in the Oakdale/Riverbank area. By working with a network of volunteers, foster caregivers, students and local veterinarians, ASTRO Foundation is able to rescue hundreds of animals every year. We provide these animals with care and temporary homes until we can place them into their permanent homes.

ASTRO Foundation Website
Morgan County Humane Society (Martinsville, Indiana) logo
Martinsville, Indiana 46151

Our mission is to provide shelter and comfort to animals in need on the path to loving lifetime homes, while providing vital animal related services to our community.  Our goal is to provide the animals in our community with support and care, and loving homes. We prepare them for adoption, we offer spray/neuter assistance, we supply food banks with donations, and we have a strong TNR and Community Cat program.

Morgan County Humane Society Website
Bishop Animal Shelter SPCA of Manatee County of FL (Bradenton, Florida) logo
Bradenton, Florida 34209

Our mission is to promote the compassionate treatment of companion animals in Manatee County and surrounding areas through progressive leadership, collaboration, and education.  Our vision is a no-kill community in which all companion animals are treated with respect and compassion."

Bishop Animal Shelter SPCA of Manatee County of FL Website
Pittsylvania Pet Center (Chatham, Virginia) logo
Chatham, Virginia 24531

The Pittsylvania Pet Center is committed to protecting the health, safety and well-being of all companion animals by working with our Animal Control Officers in the enforcement of state and local laws, providing the best care possible for every animal that comes through our doors, and reducing the number of animals that need to enter shelters & rescues.  We will shelter homeless, abandoned and lost animals, work to keep and place animals in safe and loving homes, and provide education and resources to our citizens to enhance their lives, as well as the quality of life for their companion animals.

Pittsylvania Pet Center Website
Hearts and Tails Animal Alliance, Inc (Goffstown, New Hampshire) logo
Goffstown, New Hampshire 03045

The mission of Hearts and Tails Animal Alliance is to eliminate the euthanasia of adoptable animals by providing rescue and re-homing assistance where the size of a stray population has exceeded a local community’s ability to control; providing post-disaster response assistance for displaced animals; to promote the prevention of cruelty to animals; and to foster the human-animal bond.

Hearts and Tails Animal Alliance, Inc Website
Castaways Pet Rescue, Inc (Darien, Georgia) logo placeholder
Darien, Georgia 31305

Castaways Pet Rescue (CPR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, animal welfare organization dedicated to community spay/neuter assistance, to community education on responsible pet care, and to facilitating adoptions of the stray and abandoned animal population.

Castaways Pet Rescue, Inc Website
Center for Animal Rescue and Enrichment - CARE STL (St. Louis, Missouri) logo
St. Louis, Missouri 63103

We are dedicated to saving the unwanted, abused, and neglected companion animals of the City of St. Louis through progressive and humane rescue and rehabilitation. We strive to create a more caring community for our City's pets and people by pairing animals with humans to better each other.  CARE STL is dedicated to working together with local rescues and organizations to help build a stronger, unified No-Kill, and animal-friendly community.

Center for Animal Rescue and Enrichment - CARE STL Website
Northwest Rescue & Therapy Dogs (Sequim, Washington) logo
Sequim, Washington 98382

NW Rescue & Therapy Dogs is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, all-volunteer rescue organization located in Sequim, Washington.  We are dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of dogs of all breeds in public shelters where they are at high risk of euthanasia due to pet overpopulation.  We focus our efforts on relieving the burden of overcrowding on the high-kill shelters in California.  And, while we do rescue all breeds, our main focus are the breeds and individual dogs that have the hardest time getting adopted from the shelters.  We take in medical cases, fearful dogs,  seniors and pit bulls.

Northwest Rescue & Therapy Dogs Website
Humane Society of West Alabama (Tuscaloosa, Alabama) logo
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35407

Established in 1971, we are a 501(c)3 no-kill animal rescue organization run entirely by volunteers and funded by individual donors as we receive no government funding. We have a cage-free cat shelter as well as a dog shelter with ample outdoor space. Our mission is to find loving adopters for orphaned, abused, and neglected animals. We also maintain lists of lost and found animals and pets in need of new homes in Tuscaloosa County. We contribute to humane animal care and proper pet care through education within the community.

Humane Society of West Alabama Website