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Animal Lifeline of Iowa (Carlisle, Iowa) logo with dog, cat, and tagline "A special needs no kill shelter"
Carlisle, Iowa 50047

Animal Lifeline of Iowa (ALI) is Central Iowa’s only special needs, no-kill animal shelter, celebrating over 30 years of serving cats and dogs in need.  We rescue cats and dogs that are injured, handicapped, have a serious medical condition, abused, pregnant and nursing moms, or orphans that require bottle feeding. We rehabilitate the animals, who run a higher risk of euthanasia in a traditional shelter setting, and then adopt them into loving forever homes.

Animal Lifeline of Iowa Website
Islands Feral Cat Project
Savannah, Georgia 31410

The mission of our project is to stabilize and properly maintain local feral colonies by trapping, spay/neutering, and releasing feral and community cats.  We educate the public on trapping, loan traps, arrange spay/neuter services, and facilitate treatment for sick or injured feral and community cats.

Islands Feral Cat Project Website
Race for the Rescues Inc
Grayson, Georgia 30017

Race for the Rescues is a 501 C3 Georgia non-profit raising money for approved non-profit and 501 C3 animal rescues groups and animal welfare organizations in our area and the State of Georgia.  Working together we are hoping to help and educate in the ongoing problem of pet over population.

Race for the Rescues Inc Website
Colorado Companion Animal Sanctuary (Bailey, Colorado) logo of house, human, cat and tagline 'Where all cats are special'
Bailey, Colorado 80421

CCAS provides sanctuary for cats with special needs that are considered unadoptable, yet have manageable or treatable conditions and a good quality of life.

Colorado Companion Animal Sanctuary Website
The Humane Society of Scott County Indiana
Scottsburg, Indiana 47170

The Humane Society of Scott County Indiana is a Non Profit organization with a mission to: Aid the Scott County Indiana Animal Shelter,  To have an aggressive adoption program in order to decrease the number of
animals euthanized, To release animals into the care of reputable rescue organizations, To educate the community on the importance of spay/neuter, and To promote responsible pet ownership.

The Humane Society of Scott County Indiana Website
Purr Nation Cat Alliance
Roswell, Georgia 30075

We are Purr Nation Cat Alliance, Inc, a 501(c)3 non-profit feline safe haven.  Our goal is to rescue cats from high-kill shelters and other desperate situations in our local community, providing temporary care and refuge until they can be adopted into their forever homes.  Our adoptions will be guided by trained counselors seeking to match each cat's personality with its prospective adopting family's needs. We will further encourage proper placement and companionship by working to strengthen the human-to-cat bond through ongoing educational opportunities.  We will focus our financial resources on providing top quality veterinary care for our resident cats, as well as proper environmental enrichment and socialization. We will partner with local feline businesses, pet professionals, and cat allies to gain reliable knowledge and promote community involvement. Our mission is to advocate for each cat's ever changing needs by educating every pet guardian throughout all phases of the cat's life. Our passion for cats and our expertise in feline care will allow us to continue to advance the causes for our Purr-friends everywhere.

Purr Nation Cat Alliance Website
Forney Pet Advocacy & Welfare Society (Forney Texas) logo with black hands surrounding a black paw print with white heart in pad
Forney, Texas 75126

Our mission is to support a healthy pet community and responsible pet ownership by raising funds for programs, materials and services that improves the lives of animals.

Forney Pet Advocacy and Welfare Society Website
Second Chance Pups, Inc.
Beatrice, Nebraska 68310

SCP provides a source of obedience-trained dogs pulled from shelters and other rescues, available for adoption or working dog programs.  To fulfill this mission SCP provides a rehabilitation opportunity for inmates to learn care, responsibility, grow their vocational skills and an opportunity to give back to society in a positive manner.

Second Chance Pups, Inc. Website
The Fix Foundation
Franklin, Kentucky 42135

The Fix Foundation's mission is to provide affordable spay/neuter &  basic care services to pets and their families in our community and surrounding communities.    Our Simply Cats adoption program works with area rescues & shelters to find homes for unwanted cats & kittens.    Our goal is to reduce euthanasia in area shelters by lowering intake of unwanted litters into area shelters thru spay/neuter as well as assist in lowering cat numbers through our adoption program.

The Fix Foundation Website
Teller County Regional Animal Shelter
Divide, Colorado 80814

Forever improving the lives of animals in our community. Each year, over 800 dogs and cats in need (lost, abandoned, homeless, abused, or neglected) find loving hands, warm beds, and nourishing meals at TCRAS until they are reunited with their family or adopted into new homes. TCRAS gives every companion pet that enters our doors the time, medical attention, training and love they need to be ready for their next chapter.  We endeavor to provide each shelter guest the Five Freedoms: Freedom from hunger and thirst, Freedom from discomfort, Freedom for pain, injury or disease, Freedom to express normal behavior & Freedom from fear or distress.

Teller County Regional Animal Shelter Website
Caring Songs for All Creatures (Manhattan Beach, California) logo with music note and paw print
Manhattan Beach, California 90267

Caring Songs For All Creatures is a non-profit animal rescue that seeks to provide a good life for cats, dogs, and all creatures. Any breed, whether purebred or mixed breed, is accepted. We seek to help those animals whose chances of being adopted are slim. By caring for them and nurturing them, we help bring the beauty that is inside visible to the external eye.

Caring Songs for All Creatures Website
Pacific Pug Rescue
Tigard, Oregon 97224

We rescue, rehabilitate and place unwanted, neglected and abused Pugs in permanent adoptive homes. The Pugs and former owners we work with are from throughout Oregon, Idaho and Washington, we rescue pugs regardless of age or medical condition.  Prior to adoption, our Pugs are cared for by our dedicated foster families located in the Portland Metro area. While there and before adoption can occur, our Pugs receive medical care including spaying/neutering, dental surgery, vaccinations, and microchips and any other medical care needed.  In addition to saving Pugs, we strive to educate the public about the breed, including its personality, health issues and care, and about the importance of domestic animal population control.

Pacific Pug Rescue Website