Nils and Amy Lofgren

Solo artist and guitarist with Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, musician and songwriter Nils Lofgren also sings the praises of animals. "Amy and I live with six wonderful dogs here in our Arizona home," says Nils. "We have always been animal lovers and can't say enough about the love and companionship our dogs bring to our lives and home every day. As a traveling musician who leaves home more than I'd like, our dogs are family and a great source of comfort to Amy and I, when home or away. We are so grateful to have them in our lives."

Nils not only loves animals, but abhors their abuse, writing an open letter condemning ESPN for their praise of Michael Vick following his return to football. His disgust of dogfighting allows him to appreciate the rehabilitation efforts done on behalf of the Vicktory dogs all the more.

"Thanks to the "DogTown" show on the Vick dogs, we remain huge fans and supporters of the great work Best Friends Animal Sanctuary does," says Nils. "What a blessing and beautiful example of service and kindness they are to animals, animal owners, admirers and supporters everywhere. Keep up the great work and thanks!"