Female Cattle Dog (short coat) named Skelly available for adoption

Adoptable Female Cattle Dog (short coat)
Adoptable Female Cattle Dog (short coat)
Adoptable Female Cattle Dog (short coat)
Adoptable Female Cattle Dog (short coat)


Looks Like: Cattle Dog (short coat)
Age: Adult
Size: Medium
Color: White with Brown or Chocolate
Sex: Female

Special Criteria
Sanctuary Visit Required

Skelly came to Best Friends as a puppy mom. Over time, Skelly has made a lot of progress at the Sanctuary. When she arrived had a hard time trusting anyone to touch her, let alone leash her. Now she trusts her caregivers enough to let them leash her up and take her for walks on the trails, which she loves. She is starting to explore new places such as Dogtown's indoor agility area and the offices in Dogtown headquarters, where she can experience a more home-like environment. A good way to build trust with Skelly is through hand-feeding her meals. She is still too nervous to ride in a car, but she is working on it. She will sometimes eat her meals near a car, which helps her to see that it's not so scary. She also is working on crate training.

Because she is still very nervous during medical handling and grooming, Skelly is trained to wear a muzzle during these appointments. She does allow her trusted people to handle her and examine her as needed. Skelly has play dates with other dogs at the Sanctuary, and she has been easygoing with all the dogs she's met. She's also been a good walking buddy for other dogs. She does tend to be a little sensitive and will squeal sometimes if a dog is too rough, so she should live with dogs who understand that and won't scare her. Although she can be hand-fed by those she trusts, Skelly does guard food bowls from people. She has learned to trade them for other items she wants, like treats. She can also be territorial if she doesn't know a person and will protect her space, including her beds and toys. Skelly is looking for a person or family who will take the time to earn her trust and not rush her. A home with a friendly dog would also help her adjust.