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Sanctuary (Kanab)
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Tony is a handsome and wonderful chestnut and white pinto gelding born in 2008. He has a unique history: he was rescued from an abusive pack string situation in Arizona and was part of a landmark animal cruelty court case. He was originally taken to the county animal shelter where he was nursed back to health and gelded, and now he's at Best Friends where he has continued to impress us with his great mind and exceptional good nature. He has an old injury to his stifle which makes him unable to be ridden, but he gets around great in the pasture and has a very good quality of life. He is smart, sensible, and very sweet. He needs some more handling and good life experiences, but has come a long way and is such a good boy. We are now able to trim his feet, lead him all over Horse Haven and sedate him for dental work. He is very dominant with other horses, but with a gradual (over the fence) introduction, and plenty of space, he is living very successfully with a friend. Would you like to be his friend? To know him is to love him!