Male Chihuahua named Raccoon available for adoption

Adoptable Male Chihuahua
Adoptable Male Chihuahua
Adoptable Male Chihuahua


Looks Like: Chihuahua
Age: Senior
Size: Small
Color: Brown/Chocolate with White
Sex: Male

Special Criteria
Sanctuary Visit Required

Raccoon is one of the most unique little Chihuahua's you will ever meet. First of all, his cuteness is beyond compare with his big ears and pink nose. Then, he has this waddle type walk that looks like he's dancing. His dinner time routine consists of a little dance including spins and twirls. Just watching him will put a smile on your face. Raccoon is an older gentleman and really needs a quite place to relax and retire. He enjoys just hanging out on his bed or lounging in the sun. Because of some medical challenges he cannot walk far, but does enjoy getting pushed in his stroller. He also does hydrotherapy once a week and loves "running" in the water. Raccoon is more of a "by your side" kind of dog versus a cuddler or lap sitter. He's not super comfortable with handling and may need some time to warm up before he will accept handling and leashing. He does live with other dog friends and does well as long as they respect his space. He's not much for playing but loves to share sniff and pee spots. Raccoon would do best in an experienced, adult only home where it is quiet and has some routine and consistency. If you're interested in meeting Raccoon please contact an adoption specialist for more information.