Female Beagle named Mary Jane available for adoption

Adoptable Female Beagle
Adoptable Female Beagle
Adoptable Female Beagle
Adoptable Female Beagle
Adoptable Female Beagle

Mary Jane

Looks Like: Beagle
Age: Adult
Size: Medium
Color: Brown/Chocolate with White
Sex: Female

Special Criteria
Sanctuary Visit Required

Watching this girl open up and gain confidence is such a joy to witness. Though shy, she gets wiggly and bouncy when her friends (both human and dog friends) come to greet her! She absolutely loves food, and though initially stand-offish, she quickly recognizes who her friends are by their gentle nature and the delicious treats they provide! She is crate trained and she loves going in it especially if it means she gets to go out and explore with her friends.
She is generally uncomfortable in unfamiliar or open spaces, but using the crate we have begun to expand her world to the trails of Dogtown and beyond, and the more experiences she has the more confident and excited she becomes to show how brave and adventurous she truly is!
The next step in her growth could be with you where she can experience the calm, comforting, and loving home you are ready to share with her.
If you think Mary Jane would be a good fit for your family or if you would like to learn more, click Adopt Mary Jane above to complete our survey and be connected with an Adoption Specialist.