Male American Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed named Pudge available for adoption


Looks like
American Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed
Estimated Birthdate
Blue/Silver/Salt & Pepper

Even being almost completely blind, Pudge still has a zest for life. He is a quite the character, but because of his limited vision, Pudge likes slow introductions. It doesn't take him long to start to recognize you and once he does, he will seek out attention and get very excited to "see" you.
Born is 2010, he has a lot of energy for a senior dog, so he would do best in a calm environment. During times of high excitement, he gets worked up around other dogs, but it is easy to get him to come back when he hears your voice. His blindness comes from being diabetic so he would need to take medication and insulin to keep it under control.
He has learned how to live without his vision and will memorize his environment and respond to cues from caregivers to change direction when he is about to bump into an obstacle. He has lived with other dogs in his past, but because of his age and blindness he would do better living a single life.
Pudge is a very routine-oriented dog, so if you're someone who likes to keep a regimented schedule, he'll make a great sidekick.