Female Shiba Inu / Mixed named Hazel available for adoption

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Looks like
Shiba Inu / Mixed
Estimated Birthdate
Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn

Hazel is a very special dog that requires a very specific home. She had a rough start in life. She came to the United States from a Korean meat market and eventually made her way to the sanctuary. She arrived here in March of 2018. While she has been here a couple years, she still has a lot of challenges to overcome due to her rough start in life. Hazel is extremely shy and because of this she is a major flight risk so she needs a home that is very secure. Humans are still scary to Hazel and she does not allow petting or any kind of handling and she does not walk on leash yet. Hazel's caregivers are still working on gaining her trust and eventually be able to get a collar and a leash on her. Hazel likes squeaky toys and really enjoys hanging outside in her run with her dog friends. Hazel is anxious when any people are around. She occasionally relaxes around people she knows well but she much prefers when it is just her and her dog friends around. Hazel can be picky with her dog friends. Due to Hazel being such a special dog, any potential adopter would need to spend time at the sanctuary to really understand Hazel and her needs. Hazel needs a dedicated adopter that can give her a secure home along with the time and patience needed to gain her trust.