Male American Staffordshire Terrier named Ducky available for adoption

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Looks like
American Staffordshire Terrier
Estimated Birthdate
Gray/Silver/Salt & Pepper with White

Ducky is a total goofball who loves to make silly faces. After being rescued during Hurricane Harvey, he's been excited about every part of life. Born in 2014, Ducky is the perfect blend of affectionate and independent. He loves spending time with people on walks, and he is a hiking buddy. During downtime, he is totally content to play with his toys on his own. Ducky can get very excited and jumpy with people he likes, but he can also get overwhelmed and nervous with petting. Ducky has a history of guarding his food, and he has bitten in the past to protect it. He's made significant improvements with all the training he's done at the sanctuary, but his new person or family will need to keep working with him. Once the food bowl is put away, Ducky is the most happy-go-lucky character. If you're looking for a dog who knows how to be the class clown, he would love to meet you.