Male Havana named Joshua available for adoption

Adoptable Male Havana
Adoptable Male Havana
Adoptable Male Havana


Looks Like: Havana
Estimated Birthdate: Jan 12, 2018
Color: Black
Sex: Male

Special Criteria

Joshua was brought to the sanctuary in 2019 with his 10 littermates (5 girls and 6 boys). His sisters and two of his brothers have already been adopted out in pairs and trios. Joshua lives at the Bunny House with his brothers Sequoia, Yosemite, and Bryce (the four are affectionately known as "The Boyz"). They are quite bonded and he'll need to be adopted with at least one of his brothers. The Boyz are social butterflies who enjoy being petted, read to, and taken on stroller rides. They often go on sleepovers with sanctuary volunteers and visitors. Is there room in your home and heart for our Boyz??