Female Cinnamon / Mixed named Nutter Butter available for adoption

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Nutter Butter

Sanctuary (Kanab)
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Cinnamon / Mixed
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Enter the enchanting world of Nutter Butter, a sweet bunny with a coat as warm and comforting as cinnamon. Amidst her cozy abode, Nutter Butter finds solace alongside her affectionate sisters, Blondie and Macaroon, collectively known as the Cookies. Though she may be the shyest among them, Nutter Butter's endearing nature shines through. Supported by her loving sisters, she discovers a sense of security, and together, they form an inseparable trio, diligently watching each other's backs. The Cookies, a harmonious blend of personalities, are a package deal, available for adoption together. Embrace the opportunity to welcome this trio into your home, and witness the heartwarming journey of Nutter Butter's blossoming sweetness.