Male Domestic Short Hair named Pumpkin available for adoption

Adoptable Male Domestic Short Hair
Adoptable Male Domestic Short Hair
Adoptable Male Domestic Short Hair


Looks Like: Domestic Short Hair
Age: Adult
Color: Orange
Sex: Male

Special Criteria

Pumpkin has been a resident cat at our HQ for WAY too long. He's extremely smart, loves to play and climb and takes his treats very seriously. He's a pretty independent cat, but also likes to take naps by your side while you work. Pumpkin was originally adopted by someone at a shelter, who returned him for trying to bite her. We rescued him, and he actually tried to bite us, too!
Turns out Pumpkin was just very misunderstood! Well, we've got this kid all figured out and if you want to live with a four-legged comedian, we will share all of our tricks and secrets with you!
Pumpkin has his own IG account where you can follow his antics! Check him out on IG: @biteme_pumpkin.
We LOVE him but Pumpkin has been waiting a long time to FINALLY have a forever home. He deserves it and he's taking up the spot of another cat we could be saving.
If you can't adopt, consider fostering him, so he has a home of his own. Pumpkin's birthday is 11/22/14.