Male Champagne D'Argent / Mixed named Sheldon available for adoption

Adoptable Male Champagne D
Adoptable Male Champagne D
Adoptable Male Champagne D


Looks Like: Champagne D'Argent / Mixed
Estimated Birthdate: Oct 2, 2020
Color: Cream
Sex: Male

Sheldon was born in 2020. Like all bunnies, she likes to dig, get into things, and run around. Most rabbits do best with a buddy. Our rabbits are no different and the majority of them are deeply bonded with one or two other rabbits. We do require that bonded pairs are adopted together. If you find a rabbit you are interested in adopting we will be happy to tell you whether or not they have a partner. You can contact us at for more information. Thank you for your interest in adopting!