Male German Shepherd Dog / Mixed named Pharaoh available for adoption


Sanctuary (Kanab)
Looks like
German Shepherd Dog / Mixed
Estimated Birthdate
Black with Brown, Red, Golden, Orange or Chestnut

Are you looking for an intelligent, devoted, loyal companion and guard dog? Then you need to come meet Pharaoh!

Pharaoh is a German Shephard mix and exhibits many of the standard traits of the breed. He's people focused, wanting only to love and connect with his family. He'll ask to be with you 24/7, and will definitely bond with you as your best friend and companion.

Pharaoh is also extremely intelligent. He understands and can respond to numerous commands, like "go over there," "lay down," "sit," and "get in the back" (of the car). He wants to please his people, and will do really well with a family that works with him daily to train him and give him things to do with that big brain.

He's also active and strong! You'll love playing fetch with a dog who will bring the ball right back to your hand to throw again. He walks well on leash but should a rabbit hop through his path, you'll want to be able to hold him (and train him to redirect). Pharaoh loves to walk, and would be happiest with a family that likes to walk outside a few miles every day.

Pharaoh will be an amazing dog for people who value him for who he is and what he offers! He'd do best in a household without cats, and with dogs he's been introduced to and gets along with. While it may take Pharaoh a little bit to give you all of his love, once he does, it will be more than enough!