Male Domestic Short Hair named Foster available for adoption

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Sanctuary (Kanab)
Looks like
Domestic Short Hair
Estimated Birthdate
Brown (Mostly)

Foster is a dynamic feline with an undeniable presence. With a keen sense of surroundings and an instinctive prowess, he's tailor-made for a role in our Working Cat Program. Not only does he thrive in expansive environments, but he also excels at keeping properties free from unwelcome pests.

While Foster carries an independent streak, he's also known to share moments of connection with those he grows familiar with. His observant nature makes him an excellent candidate for areas such as stables, barns, or backyards, where his natural skills can shine.

Having Foster around means adding a layer of natural protection to your property. And who knows? Over time, this magnificent feline might just share a few quiet moments with you, deepening the bond.

Consider offering Foster an adoptive home where he can truly make a difference, ensuring both his well-being and a pest-free environment for you.