Male Domestic Short Hair named Purrlock Holmes available for adoption

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Purrlock Holmes

Sanctuary (Kanab)
Looks like
Domestic Short Hair
Estimated Birthdate
Brown (Mostly)

Meet Purrlock Holmes, the inquisitive tabby cat with a knack for solving mysteries and stealing hearts. Purrlock adores back scratches and quality time with his people, relishing in the warmth of companionship and affection. With his curious nature and charming demeanor, Purrlock is always ready for an adventure or a cozy snuggle session. Whether he's investigating every nook and cranny of his surroundings or lounging by your side, his presence brings joy and comfort to every moment. With Purrlock Holmes as your feline companion, you'll embark on endless adventures and share countless unforgettable moments. He's ready to be your loyal sidekick, offering endless purrs and affection as you navigate life together.