Female Domestic Shorthair named Nymph available for adoption

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Salt Lake City
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Domestic Shorthair
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Nymph is a delightful brown tabby cat who is currently looking for her forever home. This sweet and unique feline companion has a special feature that sets her apart from other cats: she was born with upper eyelid agenesis. This means she has no upper eyelids, giving her a distinctive and endearing appearance.

Nymph's condition requires a bit of extra care and attention to keep her comfortable. She may need regular eye drops or ointment to ensure her eyes stay moist and healthy. Don't let her condition deter you, though, as Nymph is an affectionate and loving cat who will reward your care with plenty of purrs and snuggles.

One thing to note is that Nymph is declawed, which means she should be an indoor-only cat to keep her safe and protected.
Interested? Email utahadoption@bestfriends.org