Female Oldenburg named Slurpee available for adoption

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Sanctuary (Kanab)
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Slurpee is the Sanctuary's tallest resident, hands down! She is a Thoroughbred/Oldenburg cross who stands at 17.1 hands and was born in 2003. She is a fun girl who's the first to meet you at the gate. She loves to gallop exuberantly around the pasture with her buddies. She has always had intermittent soundness issues after being ridden, which have seemed to get worse as she's gotten older. So after years of trying lots of things to keep her sound enough to ride, we've decided that it's in her best interest to quit riding her. As a pasture pal, she is dominant but fair in a herd, and loves her pasture mates. She is also very friendly with people and likes to interact with them. She is a confident, playful horse who is good at teaching humans how to be better leaders for horses. She has taught us a lot, and is always looking for new students!