Cockatoo named Sugar available for adoption

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Sugar is an Umbrella Cockatoo. His best pal in the whole world is another male umbrella named Clancy. In fact, they share the same cage. Whenever anybody comes near, Clancy rushes over to blurt out his favorite thing to say in the world. Here's a hint. It's not his own name. 'Sugar, Sugar, Sugar!' The real Sugar realizes he has a cool name, since he likes to say, 'Hi, Sugar!' You know, it's a shame we can't all be called Sugar. Sugar came to the sanctuary from an overwhelmed bird rescue in Denver, Colorado. Cockatoos can be wonderful companions, yet they aren't for everyone. If cockatoos become unhappy, they can scream - loudly. Don't get the wrong impression about him, though, or cockatoos in general. With the right fit, they can be very affectionate friends. Sugar enjoys singing and dancing while you clean his cage. Blocks of wood and plenty of foraging toys will keep Sugar happy and occupied for hours. Sugar needs to be adopted with his partner, Clancy, so they can share a lifetime of sweetness together. They are very bonded, and hope to find someone who will love them both.