Female Arabian named Helen available for adoption

Adoptable Female Arabian
Adoptable Female Arabian
Adoptable Female Arabian
Adoptable Female Arabian


Looks Like: Arabian
Age: Adult
Color: Red
Sex: Female

Special Criteria
Sanctuary Visit Required

Helen is a very sweet Arabian mare with a welcoming and calm disposition. Her beautiful features are framed by a long, flowing forelock that drapes liquid-brown eyes, which can no longer see. She was born in 2000 with sight in only one eye. Over the years, her sight in the other eye has diminished to the point where she barely distinguishes light and shadow. Helen still habitually tilts her head to one side to try and capture the world around her. She is otherwise healthy and sound, but cannot be ridden. This pretty mare needs the devotion of a forever family that recognizes her worth, and wishes to give her the best possible future. Could you bring this stunning mare into your home and give her the care and attention she needs?