If you or your organization have taken a risk within the past few years, Petco Love may award you $1,000! 

We want everyone to be inspired by the risks their peers have taken and to hear authentic, firsthand accounts of what that looked like, why it mattered to their organization and the community they serve, and what it may look like to rise above a failed risk and use what was learned.  

Conference attendees submitted their stories, and those selected to presented their risks and rewards to their peers in the breakout session rooms. In these rapid-fire sessions, attendees heard about risk-taking and how stepping outside of your comfort zone can save more lives. 

At the end of the session, attendees had the chance to vote for which presenter should win $1,000 from Petco Love based on not just the quality of the presentation, but also on the risk taken, the outcome, and lessons learned. Winners were announced at the closing session.   

Thank you to our 32 wonderful presenters. And thank you to Petco Love for sponsoring Risks for Rewards as well as awarding two presenters who had a tied vote to both receive $1,000. 

Congratulations to our winners: 

Caroline McKenna, Lifeline of Galveston County (Texas) - Using unique facilities for an adoption center

Erika Kelly, Operation Git-Meow (Virginia) - Operating a spay/neuter clinic on a military base

Elsa Kohlbus, Animal Balance (Texas) - Assertive actions to create multi-state programming

Adri Herron, Sanctuary Rescue (Virginia) - Taking over a community space to save more lives

MariAnne Sumney, Vernon Parish Animal Shelter (Louisiana) - Going from "catch and kill" to no-kill

Jill Henke, Gateway Pet Guardians (Missouri) - Moving facility into the heart of the community that they serve

Skylar Clark, Friends of Marshall Animals (Texas) - Saving more Parvo dogs

Jenni Hendricks, Jenni’s Rescue Ranch (Texas) - Volunteer-run organization building a new facility

Lauren Goveia, TLC Fosters (Illinois) - Using youth volunteers to help with intake procedures