4 Pits Sake Rescue

4 Pits Sake Rescue, (St. Paul, Minnesota), logo silhouette of white pit with purple heart and two white pawprints in front of white EKG line and above white text

4 Pits Sake Rescue is a non-profit, no-kilt volunteer Bully breed dog rescue organization serving the Twin Cities, metro area. We are dedicated to rescuing dogs left homeless for whatever reason dogs in public shelters where they are at elevated risk of euthanasia due to pet overpopulation, dogs given up by their owners because of difficult circumstances, and those in danger of abuse or neglect Our goals include opening a medical wing for dogs with ongoing medical needs, create a hospice program for senior dogs to live out their final days in a home, and partner with vets to help address PTSD and the benefit of having a dog as a companion while overcoming this.

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St. Paul, MN 55119
United States