DC PAWS Rescue

DC Paws Rescue (Washington, District of Columbia) logo has red “DC” letters formed with white dog and cat profiles
DC PAWS Rescue saves stray, neglected, unwanted and abused animals from animal control facilities and places them in safe, supportive and loving foster and adoptive homes in the Washington, DC and surrounding areas. We believe there is more to rescue than placing shelter animals into forever homes. We believe that rescue should support the people who support the rescue, and support the needs of the dogs and cats on their journey to a forever home. We are committed to: -providing the best possible standard of care for the animals we rescue; -providing all animals we rescue with the necessary tools to succeed, both -medical and behavioral; -educating adopters, fosters, and volunteers about the benefits of science-based, humane, force-free training methods, and committing wholly to the exclusive use of such training practices for the dogs and cats in our care; -treating all volunteers, fosters and adopters with respect, compassion and courtesy; -providing our fosters, volunteers and adopters with the necessary tools and training to succeed; and -educating the public about responsible pet guardianship, the benefits of adopting, and the needs of animals in high-kill animal control facilities. DC PAWS Rescue Website

Washington, DC 20026
United States