Friends of the Holbrook Animal Shelter

Friends of the Holbrook Animal Shelter (Holbrook, Arizona) logo of a heart with the name, a pawprint, and a dog and cat inside
We are supporting our local City Animal Control services by assisting with spay/neuter and vaccination clinics, holding adoption and education events, and educating community members regarding responsible pet parenting.  We are working via Facebook, our local newspaper, local radio station, community groups, school children, and pet owners to bring awareness to the animals in our area and the animals in our animal shelter as well as the problems in our animal community including high numbers of strays and lost animals as well as disease. We work closely in our Holbrook Animal Shelter to assist with the welfare and socialization of our shelter animals. We work closely with other animal welfare organizations to find alternative placement for our animals that are not being adopted in the community. Friends of the Holbrook Animal Shelter Website

Holbrook, AZ 86025
United States