Living the Dream Rescue

Living the Dream Rescue (Glendale, Arizona) logo is black and white dog and white cat with dream bubbles with homes in them
Living the Dream Rescue provides adoption services in many forms. We work to find forever homes for special needs animals such as; chronic medical, Cerebellar Hypoplaysia, amputees, animals with deformed legs (twisties), FIV+ felines and animals needing behavioral work. All animals are to be fixed and vaccinated prior to adoption. At Living the Dream Rescue, we focus on taking in animals who are most in need around the state and the Southwest. We have partnerships with animal control entities as well as the Arizona Humane Society to bring animals into rescue, many that have no chance of making it out of an open intake facility alive. Every animal we intake has a dedicated foster who has agreed to house that animal until adopted. We utilize off site veterinary clinics for medical treatment and surgical services, and we are partnered with local veterinarians and veterinary industry professionals to keep costs as low as possible while increasing the care provided. Living the Dream Rescue Website

Glendale, AZ 85304
United States