Lucky Pup Rescue SC

Lucky Pup Rescue SC (Greenville, South Carolina) logo of green shamrock, orange circle and Lucky Pup Rescue
Lucky Pup Rescue SC is an animal rescue established for saving lives of animals and educating the public on animal care and ownership.  Lucky Pup Rescue is an association organized and operated exclusively for charitable, literary or educational purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Code.  Lucky Pup Rescue will take in animals from owner surrenders, abusive or neglectful situations, government facilities, such as animal controls, humane societies, and shelters, who are at risk for euthanasia. We adopt these animals into our rescue according to the facility protocol.  After given needed physical and emotional care they are placed in screened homes and families that will provide the utmost care and responsibility for the animal. Lucky Pup Rescue SC Website

Greenville, SC 29617
United States